11 April 2018
Electric Vehicles for Smarter Cities

by Ranjan Ramparia

This report by the World Economic Forum and Bain & Company highlights two themes which are at the heart of what we are focused on – the convergence of clean energy and mobility sectors to reduce congestion and pollution in cities and urban areas.

With environmental and regulatory measures pushing changes towards a cleaner and sustainable way of living, we can foresee significant changes are required in cities and urban areas to provide integrated transport solutions and sustainable, clean energy solutions to ensure emissions targets are met.  

The key focus of this report is upon electrification, decentralisation and digitalisation of energy along with the shift towards shared mobility and autonomous driving. The three key principles identified by the report are follows:

  • A market specific approach for all stakeholders. Stakeholders include companies involved in energy, mobility and infrastructure together with policy makers, regulators and city planners to provide a comprehensive approach which has been lacking (we would call this joined up thinking);
  • Prioritise high-use vehicles. The recommendation is to focus on the electrification of fleets, taxis, mobility-as-a-service vehicles and public transport. This is seen as a priority to personal use vehicles as this group represents a higher volume of miles travelled; and
  • Deploy critical charging infrastructure today while anticipating the transformation of mobility. In essence, simply put, this is to put in place infrastructure to remove range anxiety and to recognise the changes taking place in electric vehicle ownership and autonomous vehicle driving and energy solutions that can enable this change.  We have seen the emergence of new companies providing smart city solutions which incorporate grid edge technologies such as decentralised generation, storage and microgrids and smart buildings.

There has been a lot of research and comment on this area however this report applies the three principles to identify specific actions to provide a road map towards how transformation could be achieved.

A full copy of the report is attached here

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