07 April 2018

by Ranjan Ramparia

UK investment in cleantech companies flattened in 2016 and 2017, losing out to other consumer facing sectors such as fintech. In 2017, £170m was invested in UK early stage clean tech companies compared to the £1.3bn in fintech. However, innovation develops apace with new and interesting emerging technologies successfully attracting investor interest. Although the headlines are being dominated by high profile (and well funded) players such as Tesla for example, there are there are new companies emerging in the area of renewable energy generation, battery storage, smart grid technology and electric vehicles. Attached is a handy summary of companies who have recently attracted funding and how they are looking to help us to move to a low carbon world.


We hope that 2018 brings increased investment for cleantech companies both in terms of investor support and government initiatives to promote investment and innovation in this important sector.


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