06 July 2018

Two PA Capital Partners, Martin Rees and Giles Bushby, have secured the rights to manage the Chase Owen Racing Team and develop sponsorship and promotional deals. Martin is an automotive specialist and Giles is a retail expert and they have combined their skills and knowledge to form an alliance.

After the first 3 races the Chase Owen Racing Team is a couple of points off second place in the team standings and Chase is 5th in the driver’s championship.
There is still room for improvement, but we will be well prepared for the next round in six weeks, in Ningbo, China.

Exceptional opportunity to access brand marketing in China and Malaysia

The FIA announced today that a new F3 Series has been established for Asia, the race series runs from July to November this year in Malaysia and China. The series will be streamed live globally, but the media push will be in Asia. The expectation is for over 50,000 attendees to watch each race at the circuit.

Global Motorsport Services, who manage the Chase Owen Racing Team, is able to offer exceptional sponsorship and brand promotional deals through this series including direct sponsorship through the team headed by Chase. Other opportunities are available to present brands and products via a VIP Club at each circuit and invest in an exciting and emerging motorsport team.

With media rights also secured outside Asia, this is an exceptional opportunity to expose a brand to the emerging and highly lucrative Asian markets.

Contacts Giles Bushby giles@pa-capitalpartners.com and Martin Rees martin@pa-capitalpartners.com

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