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Chris has 30+ years’ experience in a number of sectors in Financial Services, Business Services, digital and  leadership roles spanning founding start-ups through to leadership positions in corporates and public sector. These include regulated businesses and the supply to regulated businesses.

For businesses, his key belief is that there are so many opportunities to leverage digital technology that the key role we can play is to help align your team around the optimal balance between your ability to execute (risk) and the opportunity (ROI).  A key piece of this analysis is to challenge and design your transformed target operating model so that it achieves the benefits you seek rather than leave you dependent on a never ending expensive project organisation.

A typical approach for investors will be to perform a technology due-diligence that measures adherence to claims (e.g. Agile productivity) and strategy (e.g. spend alignment to go-to-market). We will also take a view as to reasons and risks for success given not every start-up in this sector is destined to be a unicorn.

For start-ups and scale-ups we will help you prepare for your next round and of course fundraise.

Chris currently chairs a SaaS apps business (PropTech and eCommerce) and a regulated RegTech/FinTech. Additionally he is acting as a CTO in a maritime machine-learning SaaS business. Previously he has acted at C-suite level delivering scale digital transformations such as customer experience & workforce optimisation at what is now Yodel, and go-live of the new government MOT system into 20k+ commercial garages and the UK public. In the past he has undertaken buy-side technology due diligences over a number of financial services, logistics and asset management investments for Intuitus.

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