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Martin Rees is a multi-awarding winning CEO, Project Director, Non-Exec and effective corporate strategist who has been in business for over 40 years. He is known for his work in developing business opportunities for technologies, brands and market access strategies, successfully for a number of clients. He has focused on the electric vehicle and future transport/Smart City industries for the past 20 years assisting clients from start-ups to global companies improving their offer, marketability, and penetration through effective and focussed strategies.

Through the development of new and effective technologies in electric¬†drive, battery management and related software (on and off vehicle) as applied in road-going, motorsport and autonomous vehicle systems, Martin is a renowned expert on the future direction and applications of EV’s in both a global context and local market scenario’s.

Currently advising several global organizations on future transport strategies, brand engagement, technology developments and associated supply chain methodologies, Martin has advised local and national governments, international trade and governing bodies, and start-up tech ventures on EV’s and their applications since 1996. He was among the first to apply new drive and battery technologies into motorsport and advised motorsport governing bodies on the future of electric and autonomous racing.

Martin has an established background in leading successful and profitable ventures in the creative industries, as well as the industrial automotive and aerospace industries through his design and development companies.


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