Financial Services are undergoing a transformation using digital & intelligent technologies. However, the long standing requirements for trust, compliance and financial products that meet the needs of consumers, businesses and markets remain ever present.

Additionally, as digitally enabled innovation creates new models with international potential; the friction of political, social and regulatory considerations increases.

Given the width of the Financial Services and supporting business services is so large there are a multitude of choices and players – from startups to some of the biggest companies in the world – which means that investment can be particularly hit and miss whether as a business buying some technology or as an investor trying to pick a winner.


What we do know is that we are still in the early days as to the way technology will transform our work and lives. It is also a multi-faceted sector where there are many forces at work such as hype curves, commoditisation of infrastructure, digital skills shortages, offshoring and consumerisation. Whilst some innovation such as within payments are visible, much of the profound change (and thereby opportunity) will take place behind the scenes.

Our approach to this sector in addition to our corporate finance work is to focus on three key advisory services to unlock the rest:

  • Due diligence audits of purchases, investments or M&A
  • Target operating model or go-to-market redesign to leverage the possibilities with purpose
  • Exit or investment preparation – a preparatory technology due diligence on your full capability with get-well options

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