For the fourth time, we stand on the brink of an industrial revolution with the potential to impact global economies and lifestyles.

Whereas its predecessors empowered us with steam and water, electricity and then with computers, it’s now the turn of Industry 4.0 to fundamentally change the way we live, work, and relate to each other. The difference this time will be the scale and scope of the fusion of physical and digital technologies.  And nowhere will the transformation create more potential for growth than in the packaging and manufacturing sectors.

Like smart homes and smart cities, hyper-connected smart factories and packaging facilities will harness the might of IoT, big data analytics, intelligent robotics, AI, AR and 3D printing to unite machines, devices, sensors, and people in a way that will create tailwinds for industry, shift consumer preferences and support our insatiable demand for more sustainable materials.

As ever, the changes hurtling our way have the might and momentum to inspire and overwhelm in equal measure. Nine out of 10 UK manufacturers see a road to digitisation strewn with obstacles and uncertainty. Nearly seven out of 10 can only see the rise of connectedness as a major threat.

But wherever a packaging or manufacturing business currently sits on the curve of evolution, the one certainty is that failing to unlock and unleash the hidden gold mine buried within its operational data means passing up a chance to turn the business they have today into the business they aspire to have tomorrow.

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