Let’s start with what we are not…

As you will see from our Partner Bios we’re not generalists, nor are we consultants.

Nor are we agents, so if you want your investor deck sent out thousands of times on a Mailchimp system, this is probably the wrong website for you.

Founded in 2013 by Managing Partners, Brian Farrugia and Greg Tufnell,  PACP is a unique blend of expert business advisory and highly targeted corporate finance.

The business focusses on small, medium sized companies and their founders, helping them to survive, pivot, succeed, achieve rapid growth and maximum value through direct, hands on, practical advice delivered peer to peer.

Working with a curated network of HNW angel investors, Family Offices and early-stage Private Equity and Venture Capital investors, the business also helps raise funds from Pre-Seed to Series A.


We take our vision from Silicon Valley, where over 50% of investors at top firms are founders and have built firms themselves. In Europe, that figure is estimated to be only 8%.

As a result, all our Partners in Prime Advantage Capital Partners have successfully started, grown, led and exited businesses, thereby developing extensive personal experience of strategy development, business growth, capital raising, succession planning, mergers, acquisitions and exits.

We have a deep understanding of the sectors we focus on, specialising in the Consumer, Mobility, Energy and Renewables, Health and Property sectors.

As a result, and unlike many generalists and agents that operate in this market, the investment readiness of our founders and businesses ensures that the investment opportunities we present are exciting, viable and credible for investors.

We are also increasingly proud of our strong track record with ethical and sustainable investments, supporting female founders and areas where there is significant change and emergent markets.