Experts in corporate finance, business growth and
exit planning.

We combine raising corporate finance with business advisory services for businesses from pre-revenue, start-ups to medium sized enterprises to deliver on their plans and ambitions. We raise funds both through private placement and through a proprietary Investment Platform (IP).

Started in 2011 by Managing Partners, Brian Farrugia and Greg Tufnell, using their extensive track record in creating growth and maximising value it has offices in London and Australia.

All Sector Experts have successfully started, grown and exited businesses; their experience of business growth, capital raising, succession planning, mergers and acquisition is extensive.


We work in sectors we understand to ensure that investments and opportunities we present are viable and credible for investors wanting to be part of their growth. We have a strong track record for ethical investment and focus on areas where there is significant change and emergent markets.

Latest Investment Opportunities