The Healthcare industry remains one of the fastest growing markets globally and is constantly changing.

The industry has several broad segments including GP practices, Care Homes, Hospitals, Dental practices, fitness and wellness, preventive care, alternative & natural medicines.

The industry is facing constant challenges due to rising costs, changing patient demographics, consumer expectations, new entrants, shortage of skilled staff and legislation.  To meet these challenges and pressures, the industry is moving towards value based care, preventive care, innovative delivery methods, alternative employment methods. This move is mainly being facilitated by improved use of technology, ‘Digitizing Healthcare”.  Technology is no longer limited to data storage but also covers cloud computing, AI, virtual healthcare and real-time data. However, increased use of technology brings additional challenges in cyber security.

Both the private and public sectors are working on improved and efficient delivery methods to cope with these new challenges.  This has created opportunities for new entrants into the industry.

PACP aim to support new entrants and established businesses through their journey, from raising funds to managing growth and exit.

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