One could definitely argue that the Consumer & Retail sector has seen some of the most significant, as well as disruptive, influences and trends so far this decade and century!

Rapidly changing consumer behaviour; the impact of the pandemic and what has happened since; the impact of Brexit; the march of online shopping; social networks and the meteoric rise of marketplaces; widespread use of technology, data and now AI…these are just the headlines, and that doesn’t even cover the fundamental changes ahead of us as the world, governments and regulators get to grips with climate change and the range of ESG issues we face daily.

Challenging, whilst at the same time creating opportunity. Demanding, yet stimulating.

Perhaps this is why some of the world’s biggest, most influential and valuable businesses originated and have grown from the Consumer sector.

Looking ahead, we believe both the consumer and investor will be closely aligned.

Retailers are some of the most innovative businesses and rapidly deploy new technologies to scale faster, reduce cost, attract more customers, design better products or build brand loyalty and awareness.

Across all the sub-sectors, Sustainability and ESG will be the focus for consumers, investors and regulators alike. The transparency and footprint of both the product and its supply chain will become a deciding factor on purchasing and pricing, whilst the emphasis on waste and the circular economy will generate new markets.

Debates over physical versus digital have at last been replaced by the understanding that shoppers will expect omni-channel experience and solution across everything from basic, everyday essentials through to luxury, once in a lifetime purchases.

Some of these will be purchases that they don’t consciously make as IOT and subscriptions will make sure they never run out of printer ink, others will be made in digital showrooms and augmented reality, and no check out.

The result will be a vast range of new products and services, of new roles and skills and ultimately new business models and businesses.

Prime Advantage Capital Partners is at the forefront of this rapidly changing Consumer sector, providing a highly skilled and experienced partner for you and your business.