18 January 2024

Artificial Intelligence is expected to dominate across all sectors in 2024, as technological advances see it impacting significantly across all aspects of our lives.

It’s disrupting and pushing boundaries around how businesses operate and engage with customers and employees, with almost limitless applications.

The recent ‘sos3 Emerging Technology Survey’ published by pwc highlights that 73% of US companies have already adopted AI in at least some areas of their business.

So, what’s next in the AI world? The FT’s AI Editor, Madhumita Murgia, recently commented on the 3 biggest breakthroughs that she expects in 2024…

  • Generative AI will go mobile, transforming smartphones.
  • Big Tech will help other industries roll out AI, allowing more companies to integrate into their businesses.
  • There will be another big jump in technology, with more AI models being able to behave more autonomously rather than having to wait for prompts.

With predictions of AI technologies evolving at a rapid pace, our PACP partners are excited to be working with some incredibly talented founders and their teams, providing support with strategy and developing their innovative AI businesses. These founders are excelling across sectors and with clear and compelling growth plans right through to exit.

Highlighted below is an overview of current AI clients seeking investment; if these opportunities are of interest to explore, please get in touch with the PACP partner for more information, investor decls and we can also arrange a call directly with the founder.

PACP AI Sector Clients

Growing Early-Stage Investment Opportunities

Frontier Academy

Based in the UK, an AI powered up-skilling platform developing the next generation of AI workers.

  • Founder: Howard Kingston
  • Stage: Growth
  • Channel: B2B, B2C, B2G
  • Raise: £750k SEIS/EIS eligible

Founded in 2020 and with a proven track record, it’s impressively achieved $1.8m revenue since launch with over 3,000 graduates.

The talented team was also the team behind General Assembly winning Web 2.0 education, and are now uniquely positioned to win education again for the web’s new frontier.

PACP contact for more information: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com


Leveraging AI with its groundbreaking model discovery platform that is revolutionising the fashion and creative industries through highly personalised talent search and selection.

  • Founder: Dejon Dawkins
  • Stage: Pre-revenue
  • Channel: B2B
  • Raise: £150k SEIS eligible

This innovative tool empowers creatives and fashion brands to effortlessly find models that precisely align with their project’s unique requirements, all with a simple click. Its disruptive approach bypasses traditional modelling agencies, dramatically reducing project costs and completion time for users.

A pilot with Byte/Dept Marketing Agency and AMCK model agency has been agreed and is due to start in 2024. Spearheading Aida is Dejon Dawkins, founder of Zen modelling agency, with over 5 year’s experience in model management and casting.

PACP contact for more information: pippa@pa-capitalpartners.com


Sustainable materials technology for a better tomorrow, today.

  • Founder: Chalres Allard Jr
  • Stage: Early Growth
  • Channel: B2B
  • Raise: £500k EIS/SEIS eligible

Delvify speeds time to market, digitises the supply chain, reduces waste and boosts margins for producers, brands and retailers across multiple sectors, from fashion apparel to home to manufacturing.

A combination of AI Search, Smart Filters and Text Search allows designers, product managers and sourcing teams to instantly connect with suppliers and fabric mills in what has been described as the “Google for Materials”.

Built on its own proprietary technology and database, Delvify launched in Q2 2023 and has already secured its first paying customers. A pipeline of 8 new fabric mills was established by the end of 2023.

Now seeking investment aimed primarily at sales, marketing and new functionality.

PACP contact for more information: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com


Harnessing AI to enable retailers to reduce costly returns and increase customer satisfaction.

  • Founder: Bella Trang Ngo
  • Stage: Pre-Revenue
  • Channel: B2B
  • Raise: £1m EIS eligible

With 80% of women wearing ill-fitting bras and retailers experiencing exceptionally high return rates due to poor fit, Brarista’s proprietary AI tech provides retailers with the AI tools to enable women to accurately measure and select their correct bra size from the privacy of their own homes.

Addressing a problem estimated to cost retailers at least £14BN a year and with IP rich technology, Brarista has file patents in all key markets.

Small scale pilots with retailers and more than 5k end users have been completed and a larger scale pilot with Etam Group, the #1 lingerie group in France, will be starting soon.

Against still competition, Brarista has been awarded an Innovate Investor Partnership Future Economy grant, whereby equity investment will generate an additional 70% equity free ad debt free grant (subject to raising £700k by the end of February 2024).

PACP contact for more information: pippa@pa-capitalpartners.com


A connected online ecosystem for the $47BN township economy, that will drive economic transformation for millions of people.

With 31 million people living in South Africa’s townships and a legacy of apartheid, characterised today by a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunity exists to shift these hyperlocal economies to creators of sustainable businesses, resulting in job creation and thriving communities.

A hyperlocal mobile app per township contact township entrepreneurs to funding, business growth, business literacy and markets.

By introducing AI into KasiKonnect, it will address a key challenge experienced by Economic Development Agencies’ focus on economic transformation by creating a validated pipeline of candidates. Also, kasipreneurs are provided with matching to funds and directing them to nearby support, driving informed access to professional services.

The response from economic development agencies has already proved positive, with 3 ‘MOU’s in progress.

PACP contact for more information: hanim@pa-capitalpartners.com


An AI English Teacher, with 360 degree immersion in conversational English, anytime, anywhere.

Roma pioneers in harnessing AI and real-world immersion to offer an unmatched language learning journey.

With a market of 1.5BN learners globally, Roma’s B2C model offers immersive spoken English experiences via a monthly subscription and differentiates itself from competitors as being efficient and easy to use with video, voice and text (24/7); human-like interaction and feedback; a fully personalised learning path; and real-world scenario practice.

Alog with B2C, Roma is also channeling B2B2C with media partners to support development and global growth to tap into the £70BN global market.

PACP contact for more information: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com


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