03 July 2019
Neil Varden, Founder of Cabin Zero

With the continued increase in travel it is perhaps unsurprising that the luggage company, Cabin Zero, continues to expand its base. Cabin Zero is already well established in Europe and Asia so with the size and potential of the US marketplace this was always going to be the natural next step.

Initially they will launch their current collections, although with the recent additions to the collection of a more technical range, Adventure Pro, and an increased range of accessories these are ideally timed for the US launch to give maximum choice to a discerning buyer. 

Due to its size, the US market is much more defined whether it be the fashion and apparel market, outdoor market or sea and surf markets. The strategy is to appoint sales specialists in each sector to ensure brand distribution is correct.

Cabin Zero has already used key trade shows such as the Travel Goods Show and more localised exhibitions at sector level to introduce the brand initially through wholesale channels. 

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