20 June 2022

Summer Investments 3 Roundup

A great series of three Summer Investment pitch events closed with our final event on Wednesday 22/06/22. Thank you for all the founders that presented so brilliantly during the series and as always for everyone that attended. We are always grateful for such strong support.

We plan and invest in these events because they are a quick and easy way for investors to see high quality, curated investment opportunities. They know and trust Prime Advantage to have these opportunities and their founders investor ready, therefore saving time and maximising their chances of finding exciting investments.

The highlights and businesses presenting were: 

Earth Warriors

An international Ed-Tech company that uses their proprietary curriculum platform to empower children to take climate action through climate change and sustainability education.

Partner Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com

Get Me Fit

An innovative wellbeing platform that helps busy employees find their path to a healthier and happier life.

Partner Contact: Pippa@pa-capitalpartners.com


Fit Pink

About to launch in the UK, Fit Pink is a women’s activewear brand with a fit like no other and competes with premium brands at half their price.

Partner Contact: sharon@pa-capitalpartners.com


Re-launching Our Energy and Renewables Focus

Jeev Sahoo is excited to join Prime Advantage Capital Partners at the end of July 2022. He will be leading projects in the energy sector while bringing his expertise in renewables, vehicle-to-grid, e-mobility, electric cars/hydrogen-powered vehicles, and sustainability.

Please look out for an announcement of an event with networking and knowledge sharing – these are crucial times for the energy sector especially for fund raising.

Jeev also is leading projects with investors from India.

Email: jeev@pa-capitalpartners.com

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A Focus on Vice Reversa –

The First Anti-Ageing Microcrystal Brand

Vice Reversa is the first brand to focus on the use of microcrystal technology to provide effective anti-ageing treatments.  Experienced beauty entrepreneurs  Arthur Mitroulas & Peter Tighe, saw a huge opportunity to capitalise on a new technology they discovered through their connections in Korea. Microneedle patches, originally developed for child vaccines and insulin injections (a $6bn+ medical industry in the USA alone), have now been adapted for cosmetic skincare application.  Vice Reversa’s painless and convenient Microcrystal patches are scientifically proven to deliver concentrated effective ingredients directly into the epidermis beneath the surface of the skin where they can be most effective.

Since completing their first fund-raising round last year, the focus has been on DTC paid acquisition, with total net revenues growing rapidly to a 4-month average of £130k (£1.5m annualised at a flat rate). US DTC kicked off in November, immediately achieving £40k monthly revenue despite no USA-specific content.  In the UK they are already achieving LTV’s considerably above CAC with significant repeat rates and a growing subscription base.   With improved content, aggressive focus and a strong NPD pipeline, retention and LTV are set to grow all key metrics significantly.

They are now seeking £2M investment, EIS eligible, to build on their success in the UK and accelerate US growth.

For more information and to meet the founders please contact: pippa@pa-capitalpartners.com

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