15 February 2024

It’s Good To Be Kind…

Random Acts of Kindness Week (11-17 February) serves as a reminder of the importance of compassion, empathy and generosity in our daily lives.

Its mission to ‘make kindness the norm’ is aimed at inspiring people to spread positivity and impact in their communities and beyond. Being kind is good for an individual’s health and also shown to directly benefit a business too.

Consumers are increasingly seeking to buy from businesses that are having a positive impact on society and the environment. After all, ‘doing good’ or ‘being kind’ is an attractive attribute of any individual or business.

In Deloitte’s Global Readiness Report, business leaders highlighted their priorities of linking positive contributions to society with profit seeking. Whereas previously these were considered mutually exclusive, they are now seen as an essential focus on how a business functions and that here is a direct correlation between doing good and making profits.

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week, we are delighted and proud to highlight clients who are leading the way with ‘doing good’ as part of their ethos and offering, and to congratulate them on their mission to successfully combine kindness with growing their bran and business.

Celebrating Kindness With Our PACP Clients

Clip (view website) is an online retailer, addressing the needs of the UK’s population that cannot afford basic Household Goods, nor find the means to pay for them through mainstream financial institutions.

As part of their strategy and core to the values of making a difference, Clip support people in need by giving back. Focussing on the financially vulnerable it takes the form of financial donations, product donations and team time.

Founder: Andy Russell

Sector: Online Marketplace

Stage: Seed/Early Growth

Raise: £250k SEIS eligible

PACP Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com

Young Soles (view website) is an award-winning luxery children’s footwear brand, that is also on a mission to make good quality footwear available to all.

Its subscription model allows subscribers to send old shoes, once outgrown, to be recycled into children’s playground materials or to children’s charities. In return for sending the shoes back, the subscriber receives credits against their next purchase.

Founder: Louise Shill

Sector: B2B/B2C

Stage: Early Growth

Raise: £250k EIS/SEIS eligible

PACP Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com

KasiKonnect (view website) is a connected online ecosystem for the $47BN township economy, that will drive economic transformation for millions of people.

With 31 million people living in South Africa’s townships and a legacy of apartheid, characterised today by a vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, the opportunity exists to shift these hyperlocal economies to creators of sustainable businesses, resulting in job creation and thriving communities

Founder: Janice Scheckter

Sector: AI

Stage: Early Growth

Raise: $1m

PACP Contact: hanim@pa-capitalpartners.com

Our Kind Offering With GetZeN For a Free 30 Minute Morning Meditation Session

A reminder that we have partnered with growing corporate wellbeing specialists, GetZeN (view website) to offer a free 30 Minute Morning Meditation session on Tuesday 27th February 2024, at 9.30am.

GeZeN founders, Katy and Frankie, are both qualified clinical and holistic practitioners on a mission to support everyday people with a personalised preventative approach to well-being.

As female founders, Katy and Frankie know first-hand the resilience that building a business needs. At PACP we strongly empathise and so we are cheering them on by publicising their mission.

We want to support you, our founders and investor community, when it comes to your mental health and well-being and give you a moment back.

Please click here to book.

We encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity, and if you feel you would like to find out more, meet Katy and Frankie, or introduce GetZeN to your business, please contact greg@pa-capitalpartners.com


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