04 August 2020

We focus on investment opportunities between £500,000 to £10m and we work with the founders and their executive teams on a long-term basis to ensure the maximum chance of success for everyone.

Female founders are an increasing segment of the businesses where we are currently seeking capital. We have grown organically, and now women represent a quarter of our client portfolio up from 10% in the previous year.

Much has been noticed about women in business over the past few years and there is now more recognition than ever that women can be subtly different in their aspirations and attitudes regarding their entrepreneurship and ambitions.

There are some key points of note from our current female client portfolio. They focus on the ethics of their businesses demanding purpose in their products and processes.

At the fore is wellbeing, sustainability & recycling along with creative collaborations. Each female-led business is on a strong growth path and has a determined, enlightened commitment to staff and customers as an integral part of their strategy and each is as disruptive as the next when it comes to making the world work better for more.

If you are interested in becoming part of a female founder’s business strategy and success get in touch with us to join our specialist forum taking place later in the year.

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