We work with businesses that are successfully growing in the Energy, Mobility, Consumer & TMT, Financial Services, Healthcare and Property sectors looking to fund further growth. Some are at a preliminary stage of fundraising and others are at a more advanced stage. Our Partners are experts in the Sectors and understand the challenges and opportunities, giving you confidence in your investment strategy.

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Featured Investment Opportunities

  • B2B Healthy Snacking Brand Changing Consumers’ Health And The Environment For The Better

    Combining the founders’ passion to create innovative snacks that act as a vehicle for good, this rapidly growing brand has already secured a number of highly credible commercial partners, and also proving to be one of the best-selling healthy snack options with 4 Star ratings on Amazon and Trustpilot.

    The product is a crunchy air dried apple crisp in 4 unique flavours, using farm reject and wonky fruits, which appeals to the ever-growing conscious consumer.

    The business is on track to hit their target of serving 1m UK customers by 2026 and reaching revenues of £2.7m by 2028, with significant growth plans for beyond.

    Now seeking investment to support growth, marketing, sales and NPD for the next 12 months.

    Raise: £250,000 [EIS]

  • Retail Tech Marketplace

    A new retail tech, non-inventory marketplace with its own proprietary sales, driving and logistics platform.

    Its first brand in the entertainment, party wear space, has achieved sales of £2m+ in 2 years

    Now seeking investment to rapidly increase product lines, marketing and launch into the £100bn toys and games market where initial trials have proved very successful.

    Raise: £2,200,000 [EIS/SEIS]

  • Innovational Hub for Intimate, Sexual Health and Well-Being Industry

    A pioneering, and first of its kind, developer of products to prevent and solve conditions that impact our intimate, sexual health and well-being when transitioning through life-stages.

    All of its bespoke products are developed using a combination of human, medical, social and psychological intelligence, to deliver solutions to enable people to live fulfilled, intimate lives, covering the markets of male intimate care; menopause and aging; sexual wellness and pleasure; menstruation and hormones; contraception; beauty and grooming; teen and tween.

    It’s the only B2B business dedicated to sexual health across all genders and ages, and therefore very well placed to gain significantly in an untapped market.

    Raise: £500,000 [EIS] 

  • A New Leader Brand in Fast Casual, Healthy Indian Food to Go

    A new and growing brand that connects with health-conscious eaters by creating beautiful, fresh, and delicious Indian meals, whilst remaining balanced and nutritionally strong.

    The business has created light, clean and low calorie Indian dishes, ethically sourced, vegan and gluten free, produced with low waste and delivered in compostable net zero packaging.

    Emulating successful leader brands in other cuisines in the UK, this brand is already making its mark in the home and office delivery market and through successful  pop ups, and is now seeking investment to expand through more physical locations and to develop its product range into the ready meal market.

    Raise: £400,000 [EIS] 

  • A Community for Professional Chefs, Foodies and Food Brands

    A new food eco system in the rapidly growing meal kit delivery services market, created in response to the growing consumer demand to look for solutions to lead healthy, more experience-led lifestyles.

    Bringing together Michelin starred chefs, foodies and food brands in one place, to create memorable and unique food experiences at home, the business has already secured a highly engaged following.

    It’s now seeking investment to scale through building brand awareness and securing further brand partnerships.

    Raise: £600,000 [EIS] 

  • Non-Alcoholic Spirits Brand

    An award-winning non-alcoholic macerated spirits challenger brand, creating high quality products using natural ingredients to create authentic flavours.

    Inspired by the texture and sensations of alcohol, the signature flavoured drinks range is already stocked in several reputable hospitality venues, as well as selling D2C via online channels.

    The brand is rapidly gaining an outstanding reputation in an emerging market that is growing very quickly in the UK and internationally.

    The business is looking for investment to continue its growth in the UK and Europe, to extend its international markets into the Middle East, and to scale up production.

    Raise: £500,000 [EIS] 

  • Fully Circular Essential Clothing

    Over 80 billion pieces of clothing are produced annually, with approximately 73% ending up in landfill and only 1% being recycled.

    That’s why this brand is focussed on fully circular, ethically produced clothing which are designed to be recycled or composted.

    Customers are incentivised to return their unwanted clothes to be recycled and made into new garments.  In addition, the garments are bio-degradable and take about 6 months to decompose when buried in soil.

    Raise: £250,000 SEIS/EIS (£50,000 already committed)

  • Break-through Anti-Ageing Skincare Technology

    The first cosmetic brand to leverage microcrystal technology for anti-ageing treatments, this innovative brand has achieved a monthly run rate of £130,000 in less than one year of closing their first fund-raise.  With very positive DTC metrics and strong initial results in the USA, they are now seeking funding to accelerate their growth across the UK and USA.

    Raise: £2,000,000 [EIS]

  • Speedy and Transparent Conveyancing

    As a necessary part of buying a home, the conveyancing process is slow, largely paper-based and contributes to the 34% of agreed offers failing to complete. It’s now about to change through an online digital platform which digitalises and accelerates this process, providing transparency to all parties and drastically reducing the time, stress and cost for all involved.

    Raise: £500,000 [EIS/SEIS]

  • Historic Vehicle Community

    A lifestyle and community for the owners of over 2 million historic vehicles, that are very valuable prized possessions and need the highest quality of storage.

    Raise: £450,000 [EIS/SEIS]

  • Health and Fitness Wearables

    Revolutionising health and fitness through a range of patented and scientifically-proven blood flow restriction [BFR] wearables that help users from elite athletes to everyday gym-goers build muscle quicker, recover faster and increase their endurance.

    Raise: £500,000 [EIS]