10 January 2019

An impressive modern premium menswear brand, offering totally unique shirts and tops for the confident, affluent man. Trading currently via their own website and wholesale partners, they are carving out a very healthy market segment in the UK, US and Europe.

Current revenues hit £1.1m last year, with sales for this year due to exceed £3m and building to £27m by 2028. EBITDA predictions are very positive, helped by their healthy bought in margins at 81%.

The customer is typically an affluent man over 40. Their current email database is already at 45,000 and set to grow significantly in the near future.

The product and the concept are a blend of artistic distinctive designs, creative and unique, the fabric is of high quality, the cut is described as ‘truly perfect’, and the customer service experience is outstanding.

The business model is unique, effective and scaleable with competitive costs and high bought in margins of 81%.

The power of local – this is a British company that established its roots in the heart of England, which is well-known for its heritage of high-quality clothing. “Made in England” is a huge opportunity to be leveraged as the business expands internationally.

Now raising £1.5m, with over £1m already committed. A significant chunk of the commitment to date coming from their own customer base. Funds will support their international plans, increased marketing capabilities, range extensions and tech innovation.

Raise: £1.5m

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