12 June 2024

Successes and Investment Opportunities

Studies highlight that female founders are statistically more likely to be financially successful than their male counterparts and possess attributes that set them apart as visionary leaders, including resilience, adaptability, empathy and creativity.

This month, we’re excited to be celebrating our incredible female founder clients and women entrepreneurs who inspire through their successes.

Frustratingly, statistics continue to demonstrate the significant funding challenge for female-led businesses, and progress in improving gender parity in raising funds has been incredibly slow.

However, there are positive snippets of news that show some encouraging signs for women startups; Crunchbase has reported that ‘the portion of recent US funding that went to female founders hit a new peak in 2023’ and that a quarter of all funding ($34.7bn) was invested in companies with at least one female founder.

It also highlighted that women have founded some of the most significant companies in the new wave of generative AI and are leading the way in this transformative technology.

In June we are thrilled to be hosting a series of online events Celebrating Female Founders, including pitches highlighting early and growth stage investment opportunities with female-led businesses, and a forum on inspiring and guiding female founders with success stories and a Q&A with experienced entrepreneurs and industry experts.

To register to attend these events, please see below for more details.

Investment Opportunities With Our Female Founder Clients

We’re incredibly proud of our roster of talented female founder clients, offering investment opportunities across a broad range of sectors – a selection of current campaigns is highlighted below.

Early Stage Investment Opportunities

  • Premium fashion developed for plus size, shown on plus size bodies, made by a plus size founder.
  • Raise: £250k SEIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • An innovative, nutritionally complete, planet friendly, vegan dog food that prioritises your dog’s health and happiness; on a mission to build a healthier generation of dogs and take a bite out of the climate crisis.
  • Raise: £300k EIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • A multi-award winning, sustainable fashion and denim label, incorporating recyclability, circularity and up cycling, transforming the way people buy, wear and discard clothing.
  • Raise: £100k EIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • An innovational hub, developing pioneering products that will prevent and solve conditions impacting our intimate, sexual health and well-being across many life stages. The only B2B business of its kind, looking to gain in an untapped market.
  • Raise: £500k EIS eligible
  • Contact: sharon@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • An award-winning luxury children’s footwear brand, that is also on a mission to make good quality footwear available to all.
  • Raise: £250k SEIS/EIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • AB2B SaaS solution to revolutionising design in the supply chain, by increasing speed to market, meeting customer demand, beating the competition and reducing waste.
  • Raise: £500k SEIS eligble
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • A marketplace that matches businesses with remote African graduate interns to provide cost-effective talent and create employment opportunities.
  • Raise: £200k
  • Contact: hanim@pa-capitalpartners.com

Growth Stage Investment Opportunities 

  • A category defining soup brand – the world’s first fresh soup in a microwaveable (IP protected), fully recyclable bottle.
  • Raise: £500k EIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • A pioneering retail concept that brings best-of-breed UK consumer brands under one roof. Challenging the norm with a membership based retail model. Currently trading from their flagship site in Regent Street.
  • Raise: £500k EIS eligible
  • Contact: sharon@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • A smarter, modular and more relevant womenswear wardrobe for a modern, conscious new era.
  • Raise: £500k
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • Powering personalised AI skincare advice for online beauty retailers.
  • Raise: £250k EIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com
  • Building the number 1 children’s home and furniture marketplace.
  • Raise: £250k SEIS eligible
  • Contact: greg@pa-capitalpartners.com

Online Events In June

Click here to register to attend

Female Founders – Early Stage Investment Opportunities Online Pitch 

Thursday 20th June 2024, 2pm-3pm (UK Time)

Female Founders Forum – Success Stories & Expert Insights

Tuesday 25th June 2024, 2pm-3pm (UK Time)

Female Founders – Growth Stage Investment Opportunities Online Pitch 

Thursday 27th June 2024, 2pm-3pm (UK Time)


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