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Key Sectors: Data and Information Services

Jeff is an industry leader in guiding business founders to scale rapidly, build accountable teams and realise higher business value for their accelerated freedom.

An investor specialising in exit preparation and sourcing capital, he also brings a network of trusted experts to support owners in achieving their well-deserved success.

  • Twenty years of experience building technology driven support service firms, including scaling a virtual data room, due diligence services firm to a successful scale.
  • Scaling an e-Discovery boutique, taking it niche utilising AI to support litigation.
  • As Founder of Precessional Effect, since 2017 Jeff invested thousands of hours to master the art of helping others succeed, achieving numerous accreditations and a proven process.
  • An award-winning advisor, mentor and coach, supporting dozens of founders and their leadership teams to plan and achieve their success, building more valuable and scaleable businesses faster.

Top Client Priorities:

  1. Overcoming over-reliance, burn-out and lack of strategic planning time.
  2. Addressing business growth challenges, recruiting and leveraging teams effectively.
  3. Providing clarity and a strategy to increase business value and the likelihood of a sale.
  4. Increasing attractiveness for investment or debt, sourcing capital to scale faster, including for M&A.


Equitory Story – “I’ve gone from an 80-hr week to a 40-hr week. I have the time to make decisions properly and that was quite hard to see.”

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Impact Story – “My turnover has increased by 400% and we’re a lot more profitable now.”

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