08 September 2022

The Cream Rises To The Top

In a week in which all the focus has been on what our new Prime Minister will find in her In Tray and Inbox, I hope that you have returned yours having enjoyed a wonderful summer. It is a time for family and friends, new traveling experiences or the new experience of stay-cating and for several reasons, often feels much more like the start of a new year than its more famous counterpart of January 1st.

For Prime Advantage, the summer has been as hot as the temperatures we have faced day after day. Perhaps honed by or started in the depths of the pandemic we are continually seeing high quality businesses led by equally high quality founders. Then having worked with our sector expert Partners, these businesses are “investor ready” when they are introduced to our investor network.

Therefore, we believe our process results in as much value for our investors as it does for our clients. This results in success rates that sit above the norms and almost without fail, a recognition from investors as to the quality of businesses that we work with and prepare them which means they are not having their time or money wasted.

Fundamental challenges lie ahead and in comparison, our Spring newsletter that explored the theme of “unprecedented” events such as the Pandemic and war in Ukraine, might now seem a little tame in light of these challenges and predictions, however we will make sure that as ever, the cream rises to the top.

Investor Events and Pitches

Wednesday Sept 21st @ 2.00pm – 3.00pm: Prime Advantage Capital Partners Pitch Event

Company 1

Fully circular D2C ethical and sustainable fashion apparel basics brand focussed on making everyday essentials that are designed to be recycled or composted.

Stage: Post revenue
Raise: £250,000 SEIS/EIS eligible


Company 2

A specialist aviation engineering company looking to expand its operation into new propulsion units focussing on low and zero emission hybrid systems.

Stage: Pre-revenue
Raise: £500k SEIS/EIS applied for


Company 3

Category disrupting rapid growth with £3m+ revenues in the home appliance sector.

Stage: Scale up
Raise: £750,000 EIS eligible

Please click here to register.


Thursday Sept 22nd @ 2.00pm – 3.30pm: Joint event with EVE Angels and Anglia Capital

Please register for now at: www.eventbrite.co.uk/


Investment Opportunity Spotlight

GREENSPARK: Embedding Climate Action Into Every Transaction

Consumers are demanding more from businesses and choosing brands based on their values and although businesses want to take action, they lack the tools, time and knowledge to address the demand.

Greenspark bridges the gap by embedding “impact as a service” in to every customer relationship and transaction creating greater loyalty, boosting conversion and driving customer acquisition.

The Greenspark business model is directly correlated to their impact so the more the business grows, the greater impact.

Raising £750,000 [EIS eligible], Greenspark have £530k committed with Fuel Ventures leading the round alongside Perivoli InnovationsZone2Boost1818 VC  joining existing investors Anthemis and BBVA.

Significantly, Zone2Boost only invest in companies that their LPs actually want to work with, so this will lead to pilots with Global PaymentsIngenico and CaixaBank which accelerates Greenspark into new markets with global leaders and rapidly increases sales.

In addition to current revenues, some key client wins over the summer have been:

A business with clear purpose and real impact.

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