31 January 2020

Customer centric car rental used to be an oxymoron. Car rental is so famous for its difficult procedures that Seinfeld even filmed a scene about it. So that’s why we were particularly delighted when the owners of UFO Drive, based in Luxembourg, approached us to work with them. Their CEO set out from day one to simplify and solve all the thorny car rental issues that have dogged the industry for decades as well as making it as clean a business as possible in today’s environmentally challenged world. They are the first all electric, all digital car rental company. One of our greatest challenges is to create a cleaner mobility solution that generating less impact. So we are working hard with them to support their continued growth thereby solving one of today’s biggest issues.

If you would like to invest in a sector that has the power to deliver great changes for us all then get in touch.

Brian Farrugia 
Mobility Partner

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