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On the face of it, Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson and the Yorkshire Ripper would seem to have little in common with either Mr Universe or mining giant Caterpillar

But in fact, the lives and fortunes of each have either been documented or developed by Paul in a career spanning crime journalism, influence management and Board-level roles across three continents.

Once an entrepreneur himself, the success of his packaging and manufacturing consultancy won him the Outstanding British Businessman award and left him with his tireless passion for backing daring, disruptive teams and their wild ideas.

In Australia as Sales Director of the construction equipment division of mining giant Westrac CAT, he doubled revenues from $107m to $210m and grew EBITDA from $7m to $14.3m by smashing restrictive silos and building sustainable incremental value into relationships that had previously delivered underwhelming single product revenue streams.

In Dubai as Country Director for Westrac CAT’s de-watering manufacturing business and global parts Hub he dismantled dated expat cultures, improved operating efficiencies and developed new product sets that unlocked growth across the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

And most recently as one of six Main Board Directors of privately-owned Lancashire building materials manufacturing group GAP, Paul directed the business development strategy that grew the group from 46 to 112 trade outlets and delivered £140m of annual revenues.

Born a Geordie but now a Yorkshireman, Paul’s permanent base in the north means Prime Advantage can leverage off its experience and network to make a major contribution to the continuing development of the northern powerhouse and its economy.

Latest Articles